My relationship

woke up this morning and got hubby ready for work…just remember I call him hubby he is actually married to someone else theyve been separated over 10 years we have been together almost 6 years…but I call him hubby..I think we are engaged…funny I should know…let me explain this one..
He was talking to my daughters (all older teenagers at the time) about buying me a promise ring…they knew how I felt about them (they are total bullshit) before they dissuaded hubby they told me to make sure i still felt that way…
well he went for a marquis engagement ring…full Carat…beautiful stone..ok to me thats an enagement ring especially when it says it on the box…
Well he takes me and the girls out to dinner…I go to get my plate…we love Golden Corral..I come back and see this ring box on my plate,…im like OMG OMG but dont say anything..the table next to me is like all hush hush…I sit down and his phone rings….(with his job he NEEDS to answer)..its a debt collector..telling him his ex wife (remember not really ex)…defaulted on the car loan and we now owe 5G on the car and to pay up or we will be sued…well I got a ring and nothing said…just here…
That was 4 years ago, I still dont know if I am engaged or not…

I really have to learn to shorten these


About teeceetee

I am a mother, I am kind of sort of a housewife, I am totally devoted to make those around me happy...I love spoiling those I love.....but I hate myself...which causes some pretty self destructive behaviour...not always and sometimes not often either...but ....I tempt fate all too often
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