My Monday has started

I had the most perfect blog, said everything I wanted it to, was typed from the heart and boom…IE not responding, for some reaon it does not like this website.
anyway, lets give it another try…

Well my Monday has started, here I sit lamenting about my new organizational promises. I am fed up with the clutter in the house. Its only been a week since I promised myself I would keep things clean and organized. I have to say my kitchen, dining room and living room still look pretty good, there are a few dishes in teh sink and the living room needs to be vacuumed, but those rooms are still in order and organized. My bedroom and the master bathroom however are disaster areas. I am going to fix that completely on Tuesday..why not tonight or tomorrow you might ask…well my son is returning to pre school after almost a month. The week before christmas we all came down with a cold, hubby and I were miserable but fighting it, we all went to the docs, was told it was a cold…..NOT it was the swine flu, The boy was fighting it off too, then I noticed he was a bit dehydrated, took him to the ER on Christmas eve, they checked him said ear infection and maybe RSV…no answers, sent me home with antibiotics…Christmas night, he was totally lethargic, but still in tune iwth the world, however, the next morning he was out of it, his eardrum had ruptured and he really wasnt resonding, so back to different ER (mind you I live 45 minutes from any hospital) by the time we got there he was nearly unconscious. Thats when he was tested for flu and they took samples from the ear goop and it turned out to be an infections as virulent as Mercers (probably got it from first ER visit).
He was in hospital for 5 days, he was about 24-36 hours away from liver and kidney failure, we should never have been sent home on the 24th. He is still recovering, and no lasting effects.
Anyway, thats why I am going to enjoy tomorrow morning.
Or is that the pothead procrastinator in me, ohhh have i mentioned I like to smoke pot? I dont smoke much, one or two hits and I am done, I spend maybe 20-30 every 6-8 weeks so I am a real lightweight. Hubby doesnt know I smoke. Hmmm maybe thats why I am here typing instead of cleaning, ya think?
Its time to get back on track with things…
I need to figure out if I am going to make entries several times a day, and publish all at once, or just random thoughts all in one shot at night, or just a few times a week. This is when I need some followers some feedback. But ahhh well, when I hit one of my self destructive periods I know I will have some fans…but until then I will keep plodding along…at least learned to copy as I type


About teeceetee

I am a mother, I am kind of sort of a housewife, I am totally devoted to make those around me happy...I love spoiling those I love.....but I hate myself...which causes some pretty self destructive behaviour...not always and sometimes not often either...but ....I tempt fate all too often
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