Wednesday and I am getting Antsy

Another quiet day, I did get something accomplished.  My desk is cleaned off, three loads of laundry folded, one left.  Most of my dresser cleaned off.  On Friday I am getting new bedroom furniture. Its not new, I got it from craigslist, but its the set Ive been searching for since I saw it a year ago on craigslist.  Its not the colors I want, but its close enough as the style was perfect.  So I need to get my room cleaned out tomorrow, The boys room cleaned out since he is getting our bed, and his bed is going into one of the guest rooms.

My nerves are on edge.  I feel like the slightest thing will set me off.  Not so much anger, but confusion, frustration.  I feel wired, jumpy and tense all for no reason.  Going north might get cancelled due to weather, but there will be another weekend.  Afterall, I dont need to go north to find someone.   I have plenty on call right here, never with any of them more than once, I dont want them…but they will suffice. 

I almost lost control of my newly organized rooms and went into a frenzy last night and regained control.  My thoughts are all over, I want to edit this, but what good is that if I want to read and see where my mind is in a month from now.  I want others to see the confusion, perhaps one will see something I dont.

I need to go out, I need to use up some energy, I need to just scream and scream.  I need solitude in a crowd.  I need to confirm my existence, but I dont want anyone to bother me. 

Hubby is home today, it was pretty quiet, we watched a few shows together, I made an awesome dinner, the boy was pretty good today. 

I do need to call the peds office tomorrow he has been complaining his back hurts, I know I was to expect some residual aches and pains in his muscles from rebuilding them, but I dont think this is normal, lets hope its just me being overdramatic.

Wow I have some readers, this is way cool…

I cant wait for winter to end, I feel so cooped up, like I am in jail…I want to escape, to run, to get out.  Ugghhhhh  Let me end this, honey is inside and doesnt know I have a blog, especially this one…


About teeceetee

I am a mother, I am kind of sort of a housewife, I am totally devoted to make those around me happy...I love spoiling those I love.....but I hate myself...which causes some pretty self destructive behaviour...not always and sometimes not often either...but ....I tempt fate all too often
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