Normal Quiet Day

These days are few and far between, or maybe more often than I think but just go unnoticed.  The boy had no school today it is MLK day…so we got to sleep in…which was a good thing since he woke at 2:30am wanting me to cook him dinner. (That so didnt happen).

Almost lost the clutter war in the dining room but prevented that and even got half the bedroom done along with laundry.

Daughter #4 got her period……so not pregnant…poor girl…been trying for almost a year.

Daughter #1, last I heard on Saturday is thinking she might be, so not on purpose.  So much for condoms and IUD’s (she must take after me.)

Lets do a little background since there really isnt much to speak of today

Daughter #1 is 25 in a stable relationship for 5 years, looking at buying houses, great career.  Her boyfriend is 26, great guy, decent career.  Lets just say they deserve each other ha ha…not married yet, she wants a huge wedding a huge ring, and is willing to wait for what she wants, in the meantime they live together

Daughter #2…22, married to military, has one daughter, seems the most together, but sometimes I wonder.  Son in law #1 a great guy.

Daughter #3…21  single, involved with a boy, lives in Texas, I worry about her……intelligent but way to naive and trusting.  She needs a job, just lost her job at a restaurant.

Daughters 2&3 are step daughters.

Daughter #4, 20….Married, she is disabled vet, he is active military.  Married young but hey the fools seem happy.  She moved back home when Son in law #2 left for Afghanistan.  She is here until he returns next August, and then they leave for Germany in October.  He was just home for two weeks, hence waiting for pregnant or not…and once again it was not.

Daughter #5..19….Once sentence and one paragraph will never sum up this child.  Single, lives with Dad…I suspect borderline Bipolar…..definately materialistic, definately a major bitch and spoiled.  I love her with all my heart but sometimes I really dont like her.

Son #1 almost 5…..The prince as his sisters have named him.  Spoiled, intelligent, devious, evil, mischevious all boy

Ohhh I did forget today was a pretty good day.  In speaking with a friend and her personal problems she was lamenting about her guilt in being angry with God.  I actually helped her to see she has no reason to feel guilty, I assured her God loves her and is with her and really never gives us anything we cant handle.

When the conversation was over, I rethought it and realized, I had thought my faith was lacking, my belief weak, but I see that really isnt true, I was speaking to her from the heart and telling her to lean on God and trust in him, ……..I feel better…now if only I could have faith in the church enough to return.


About teeceetee

I am a mother, I am kind of sort of a housewife, I am totally devoted to make those around me happy...I love spoiling those I love.....but I hate myself...which causes some pretty self destructive behaviour...not always and sometimes not often either...but ....I tempt fate all too often
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2 Responses to Normal Quiet Day

  1. wingstruck says:

    just got your message,could you please write me a short,about you,a few words thats sums up who you are and what readers and expect to read from you for the future.I will gladly place a link to your page.Any blogging questions feel free to ask,i think im pretty much into the swing of wordpress now.
    happy blogging

    • teeceetee says:

      A few words about me and what to expect.

      I am a mother, I am kind of sort of a housewife, I am totally devoted to make those around me happy…I love spoiling those I love…..but I hate myself…which causes some pretty self destructive behaviour…not always and sometimes not often either…but ….when the “other” me starts its never good….

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